Email Flirting: Building Attraction In Cyberspace

While email flirting has taken a backseat to things like facebook and instant messaging, it’s still an effective way to flirt.  

Email is a great way to stay in touch with people.  It’s also a great way to flirt with someone who’s either far away, or who you don’t yet feel comfortable talking to on the phone.

Email flirting should be used as a way to get the ball rolling.  In other words, you don’t want to get stuck in an email relationship.  Instead, you should be using email to work your way towards a phone call, and from there an actual in person meet-up.

Keep it Fun

Emails generally create some sort of an emotional response whenever you get a new message.  If it’s an email from work you might feel a bit of stress.  If it’s span you might feel annoyed. 

The last thing you want is for an email from you to be associated with a negative or neutral feeling. 

Instead, when you’re name pops up in their inbox, you want them excited and looking forward to opening your message. 

The way to do this is by adding some humor.  Send a link to a funny video or forward them something funny.

Also, be a little sarcastic in the email.  Just make sure you use a happy face or a tongue face at the end of anything overly sarcastic you say.  You don’t want the person to take offence. 

Give Them Something To Reply About

A great way to make email flirting more fun and exciting is to ask interesting questions.  This way the other person doesn’t have to think of something to talk about in there reply. 

Here are some examples of questions that I like to ask:

“If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?”

“If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you?”

“What was the last thing you remember dreaming about?”

You should ask these questions in a flirtatious way of course. 

For example, you could joking suggest that the they take you away on a trip.  They can pay for the tickets, and to be fair, you’ll let them choose the destination.  Then ask where they’ve always wanted to travel to and why? 

The key is to make the question feel natural; not like an interrogation. 

Keep Em Coming

Writing an email can be a pretty time consuming thing.  If you’ve set the tone by sending a long-winded and in-depth email, the other person is probably going to feel obligated to send you a long email back. 

The time it takes between these emails is killing any sort of attraction that could develop. 

The solution to this problem is to treat emails like text messages.  Short, concise and playful. 

Try and establish a pace of sending and receiving at least an email every other day. 

The ideal situation is where the two of you are emailing each other back and forth throughout the day.  This way it seems as though the two of you are almost having a conversation. 

Send Some Pics

Don’t limit yourself to using just words when it comes to email flirting.  Try incorporating some pics as well. 

For example if the person you’re flirting with has recently been on vacation or changed something about their physical appearance, ask them to send you some pics. 

The great thing about this is that it makes it easy to send them a compliment about how good they look. 

From their you can always reciprocate and send some pics of yourself,.

Do yourself a favor though and avoid sending any pics where you’re posing for the camera. 

Instead, send humorous pics, or pics where you’re having a good time. 

This way you can show the other person that you have a fun and exciting life.  All the more reason for them to want to become a part of it. 

Move Things Forwards

As I said earlier, emailing flirting alone isn’t going to get you very far. 

After sending a few emails back and forth, you’ll want to move things to the phone. 

It can be as simple as saying something like “emailing is fun, but seems so impersonal.  How bout I give you a call sometime this week.”  

That’s usually all it takes to get their digits.