Flirting Lines That Will Get Anyone's Attention

Flirting lines are a great tool to help get a conversation going. They can help you feel less nervous about meeting someone new. Plus, having a good opening line will usually increase your chances of building attraction.

Try a Little Bit of Misdirection

It’s pretty easy to tell what a person’s agenda is when they deliver a pick-up line. Now this can be seen as a good thing in that you’re being very direct.

However, expressing too much interest right up front can sometimes hurt your chances of things going past your opening line.

That’s why it’s important to tone it down a bit. The way to do this is through a little bit of misdirection. For example, if you’re commenting on someone’s smile, a direct flirting line would sound something like: “Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me.”

Now doesn’t this sort of opener just make it seem like you’re trying way too hard. Instead, you’d be much more successful by saying something like “I like your smile....what kinda toothpaste do you use?”

The beauty of a line like this is that it allows you to deliver a compliment without the risk of sounding too forward.

Plus, it’s pretty funny. After all, you’re not genuinely asking what kind of toothpaste they use. Instead you’re doing it a fun and playful way. Here are a few more types of these lines:

You have really nice eyes. I especially like the left one.

I like your dress/suit. I have the same one and was gonna wear hit here tonight. How embarrassing would that have been?

Get An Opinion

One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional pick-up lines is that they don’t really help get a conversation going. Basically, you deliver a pick-up line, the other person responds, and then you’re left wondering where to go from there.

An opinion opener is the perfect way to get around this. By asking for the other person’s opinion on something interesting and unique (ideally something involving relationships, or social dynamics), you help capture their attention and get them more engaged in the conversation. Here are some examples:

-How long should you wait to call a person after a first date?

-Who do you think lies more, men or women?

Disqualify Them

One of my favorite types of flirting lines is known as a disqualifier. An example would be something like: “you’re losing points with me”. Keep in mind that this is said in a somewhat playful voice.

What a line like this does is make the other person second-guess whether or not you’re into them. This results in the other person trying hard to win you back over. It’s almost like they need to prove you wrong.

This may seem a little counter-intuitive, but trust works. In fact, you could use a disqualifier on someone who isn’t all that attracted to you in the first place, and the end result would be them feeling a bit more attracted towards you.

As with most things flirtatious, be sure to come across as being playful rather than serious. Here are a few more examples for you to try:

-It’s too bad you don’t come in a brunette version

-We have too much in common

-I think I’m too high maintenance for you

The Delivery is More Important than the Line

Too often, people get hung up on what to say, rather than how to say it. You could have the greatest flirting line ever, but if you say it in a quiet, insecure and monotone voice, it will have little to no effect on the person you’re trying to attract.

The easy way around this is to practice your flirting lines before you actually use them. Better yet, record yourself saying them so you can play them back and see how you sound.

Experiment with saying them in different tones of voice, from playful to sexual.

And while you’re doing this, listen for other things in your voice that you can improve upon, like talking too quickly or too quietly.

Use Them throughout the Conversation

Flirting lines don’t just have to be used as a way to start a conversation. Instead, they can be a great way to help keep a conversation going.

There are a tonne of different flirting lines you can sprinkle throughout a conversation in order to help add a sexual undertone to it.

Saying something as simple as “you’re a troublemaker”, is a great way to amp up the amount of flirting going on between the two of you.