Is She Flirting With You?

"Is she flirting with me?" That’s a question that a lot of guys tend to ask themselves when they’re talking to an attractive woman.

That’s because women can be such a challenge to read. It’s easy to mistake a girl’s friendliness for flirtatiousness.

Here are the key things to look out for so that you’ll never again have to ask yourself, “Is she flirting?”

Is She Asking You a Lot of Questions?

If she is, then there’s a good chance that she’s flirting with you.

Women who find you interesting and attractive will want to know more about you. You’ll likely find them asking you about your job, your hobbies and your friends and family.

Some women naturally ask questions when they’re interested. Others will do it on a more conscious level because they’re trying to see if you have the traits they look for in a man.

What’s Her Body Doing?

Body language is one of the most important aspects of flirting. If you learn how to read a woman’s body, you’ll have no trouble telling when she’s flirting with you.

Some guys have a hard time doing this though, simply because there are so many body language signals to watch out for.

So to make things easier, I’ll tell you the most important signal you should watch out for. If she’s playing with her hair then she’s definitely flirting with you.

By playing with her hair, she's subconsciously trying to get your attention. At the same time, she’s also trying to demonstrate that she has a fun and playful personality.

Does She Keep Running Into You?

Girls who you might see on a regular basis, like co-workers or acquaintances, tend to flirt in very discreet ways. That’s because they want to avoid coming on too strong.

The most common way that women you know will try and flirt with you, is by looking for ways to run into you. For example, she might pass by your desk more frequently at work, or always pick the machine next to you at the gym.

Women who do this aren’t exactly flirting with you; so much as they’re finding ways to get you to flirt with them. Either way, you can take it as a sign that she digs you.

Is She Able to Keep Her Hands to Herself?

Touching is an extremely powerful flirting tool. Most women are aware of the impact that touching can have and will only use it when they’re trying to send out a strong indicator of attraction.

Women also use this as a last resort. What I mean by this, is that if she’s been giving out all sorts of flirting signs and you still haven’t picked on her advances, she might use touch as her final attempt to give you a hint.

So don’t blow it! If you find her attractive, then flirt back with her after she touches you. If you wait any longer, then you run the risk of missing your shot at her.

So is She Flirting with You?

Asking yourself the question “is she flirting” isn’t something you’ll want to do on a regular basis. That’s because it puts you in a reactive state of mind.

Guys who look for signs that a girl is flirting with them, are usually doing so because they’re looking for permission to flirt.

But here’s the thing: you don’t need permission to flirt with someone you find attractive. Instead, take the lead and start flirting with her.

Women are attracted to men who aren’t afraid to take the lead. Being a leader will be one more reason for her to want to flirt back!