In a lot of ways, phone flirting is pretty similar to flirting in person.

That said there, are a few extra challenges that come with phone flirting. The biggest one being that you don’t have the luxury of using body language and eye contact to your advantage.

When you get someone’s phone number, it’s usually because you were able to develop a good rapport with them.

The thing you have to keep in mind though is that it all went away within a few minutes after you parted ways.

You’re goal when it comes to phone flirting, is to rebuild that vibe as quickly as possible, and work towards setting up a time and place to meet.

How you handle the phone call is going to determine whether or not you’ll be able to set up that date. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when it comes to phone flirting.

Bring up Your Initial Meeting

One of the easiest ways to help bring up that feeling that was in the air when you first met is to bring up the initial conversation.

Think of something funny that took place when you first met and bring it up. I usually try and think of something I was playfully teasing the other person about.

Have Something Planned to Say

Nothing is worse that having those awkward moments of silence while you’re on the phone. To help limit those, you should have a few things planned to talk about - like a funny story that recently happened to you.

Or bring up safe conversation topics that are going to keep them interested, like movies, celebrity news, music, and travel.

Or, if you want to show a bit of initiative, you can follow-up on something they mentioned in your initial conversation. If they mentioned that they travel a lot, ask them where they’ve traveled to.

Talking about something that the other person is really interested in will make the conversation much easier.

By simply asking a few follow-up questions, you’ll be able to easily keep the conversation going, with the other person doing most of the talking.

This will score you some bonus points since they’ll think you’re a great listener!

Use the right voice

When you’re on the phone, you don’t have the luxury of using your body language to help you build attraction.

In addition to the words you’re using, you’re going to have to rely on you’re voice to give off a flirtatious vibe.

You may want to check out the voice tone section to help you with this. The key points though are to talk with enough expression in your voice and to not speak to quickly.

Leave a Message after the Beep

Everyone hates leaving messages. But let’s face it; we all leave busy lives. Sometimes you have to leave a message and hope the other person calls back.

To leave a message that will get a response just be as natural as possible. I usually say something like:

“Hey troublemaker, it’s me, just calling to say what’s up…you can try and get a hold of me later, I’ll be in and out the rest of the day…later.”

It’s as simple as that. You’ll likely get a call back within a day or two.

And it you don’t you can simply call back at a later date and try again.

This time you might want to tease them a bit and jokingly say that they must be trying to play hard to get. A little bit of edginess goes a long way when it comes to phone flirting.

Be the First to End the Call

My general rule of thumb on the first call is that if you’re the one making it, you should be the one to end it.

The reason being, that by being the caller, you’re obviously indicating to them that you’re somewhat interested.

When it comes to phone flirting though, it’s a good idea to leave the other person wanting more.

This is hard to achieve if you’re talking on the phone for hours.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep the conversation down to no more than a half an hour. That should be enough time to reestablish a connection and build up enough comfort to meet up sometime.

Make the Date

There’s no point in talking forever over the phone, when instead you could be talking face to face. Remember, the purpose of your call is to land a date, not develop a phone flirting buddy.

So, after you’ve shared a few laughs and stories over the phone, set up a time and place for the two of you to get together.

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