Being able to read sexual body language is a necessity if you have any hopes of getting intimate with someone.

Most people focus their efforts on learning how to read basic body language signals.

Those are great for early on....but when things start to get physical, you’ll need to focus on reading a different type of body language.

Sexual body language is the key to telling just how aroused someone is.

By mastering how to read this type of body language, you’ll be able to tell when your date is getting turned on by your advances, and also know when they’re ready to take things to the next level.

Get Their Heart Racing

When we get aroused, our heart rate goes up. In fact, this is a natural physiological response that occurs whenever something excites us.

You see, when we’re sexually aroused, our heart pumps more blood to our sexual organs.

You can use this to your advantage to tell if your date is getting worked up.

Since it might be a little awkward placing your hand on their chest, your best bet is to let their pulse determine whether or not they’re aroused.

You can subtly do this while the two of you are holding hands. A normal pulse ranges from 60-80 beats per minute. When we’re aroused, our heart rate can be anywhere from 100-150 beats per minutes!

Heavy Breathing

Another physiological change that occurs when we’re sexually aroused is how heavily we breathe.

Like I just mentioned, our heart does its job to supply blood to our sexual organs. Our blood needs oxygen, which is why we tend to breathe heavier during times of arousal.

Paying attention to your dates breathing is a great way to tell when you’re doing something they like. The more turned on they get; the heavier their breathing will get.

The Right Touch

If your date is enjoying your company then they’re generally going to feel more comfortable touching you.

As you begin to get more intimate they’ll likely touch you more often and for longer periods of time.

Early on, touching usually involves something simple like a brief touch above the knee.

As times goes on though, you might find that their hand lingers on your leg for much longer, and also moves a bit higher up.

This is obviously a huge sexual body language clue. Since sex involves a lot of physical contact, it’s only natural that you begin to touch more as you lead up to it.

What Big Eyes You Have

When you’re making eye contact with your date, pay careful attention to the size of their pupils.

When we’re aroused our bodies release a hormone called oxytocin. This chemical causes us a sense of euphoria, but it also causes our pupils to get bigger.

When you initially start flirting with someone, their pupils will likely dilate if they’re attracted to you.

However, when you’re reading sexual body language, you should look to see if their pupils are getting even bigger as you begin to get more physically intimate.

Those Hips Don't Lie

During intercourse, our hips play a huge role in helping us climax. No matter what position you’re in, when you’re having sex you can be sure that either you or your partner will be thrusting or grinding their hips in order to make things more pleasurable.

Grinding your hips together doesn’t just happen during sex. In fact, it often starts on the dance floor.

If your date happens to start moving closer to you, and begins thrusting or gyrating their hips together with yours, then it’s safe to assume that they’re turned on.

Hip thrusting can also take place when you’re making out. Obviously, the fact that you’re both kissing should be a clear indication that your partner is aroused.

However, their hip movement can serve as a thermometer for how turned on they are. The more your partner moves their hips, the more intimate they‘re willing to get with you.

In a case like this, you can use your ability to read sexual body language to your advantage.

By matching your partner’s thrusts, you’ll be able to get them further aroused. Plus, it shows that the two of you are in sync, which is an important part of sexual chemistry.

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