There are a lot of signs men give when flirting. It’s important to be able to read these signs because it can give you some insight into whether a guy’s interested in you or not.

If you’re picking up on positive signs, then you can continue doing what you’re already doing. If you’re getting the impression that he’s not into you thought, then that just means you’ll need to change your approach.

Here are some of the top signs men give when flirting with women.

It’s All About Body Language

Our body language reveals a tonne of information about how we feel...far more than words can convey. By watching for certain clues in a guy’s body language, you’ll be able to easily spot signs guys are flirting.

Here’s a list of a few things to watch out for:

-extended eye contact

-leaning in towards you when you’re talking

-widening his stance

-broadening his shoulders and puffing out his chest

-preening (for example, fixing his tie or his hair)

-mirroring your body language


One of the most subtle signs guys are flirting with you has to do with what they like to talk to you about. If you notice that he’s talking a lot about himself and his accomplishments, then it can mean one of two things.

The first is that he’s a self-centered person. This is obviously the type of guy you’ll want to avoid.

However, the other reason why a guy might be going on and on about himself is because he’s trying to impress you.

Guys that do this will usually talk about their career, possessions such as their car or home, and their social circle.

Although bragging isn’t considered a positive trait, you might want to cut the guy some slack. After all, he’s doing it to impress you!


When it comes to flirting, most guys don’t want to make it a public spectacle. ..especially if he’s going to ask for your number or move in for a kiss.

If a guy asks you if you want to go for a walk somewhere, or head to the bar and grab a drink, chances are he’s trying to get you away from your friends so that he can try and escalate things.

Buying You a Drink

Some guys will offer to buy you a drink within the first minute or two of meeting you. This is great way to sense some desperation in the guy while scoring a free drink in the process.

Other guys will wait to get to know you better before offering to buy you a drink. Regardless of when he does it, buying you a drink is one of the most obvious signs men give when flirting.

He Gets a Bit Touchy Feely

Another one of the most common signs men given when flirting is based on how often they’re touching you.

Some men naturally communicate in a physical manner...meaning that they may occasionally touch the person they’re talking to.

However, if you notice that he touches you frequently, or touches you for longer durations of time, then there’s a good chance he’s flirting with you.


Guys who are flirting with you will usually try and find as many ways as possible to show that you both have a lot in common.

So when you’re talking about something like your hobbies, you might notice him mentioning how he enjoys doing the same sort of things as you.

We tend to feel a deeper connection with people who we are very similar to. So the more he mentions how much he likes the same things as you do...the more he’s trying to get you to like him.

Trying to Get Your Contact Information

This one is one of the most obvious signs men give when flirting. When a guy asks you for your phone number or email address, he's asking because he wants to see you again.

And if he happens to mention something you guys can do together in the near future, then he’s totally letting you know that he’s interested in you.

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