Subtle flirting is a casual yet effective way to interact with someone you find attractive. Most people think that flirting involves coming off all hot and heavy.

In reality though, you’d be surprised at how often you can give off a flirtatious vibe by flirting subtly. This is where you don’t lay it on thick with a person, but instead mix a bit of flirting into a regular conversation.

Subtle flirting is a great way to get better at flirting in general.

If you’re casually flirting with people you talk to on a daily basis, then you’ll acquire the skills and experience needed to help seal the deal when you’re flirting with someone you’re actually into.

Subtle flirting also works great with co-workers and acquaintances. Because you tend to see these people on a regular basis, it makes it all the more important to not come on too strong.

It All Starts with a Smile

Pretty obvious I would imagine. But think about how many people you’d like to flirt with, but aren’t sure where to start.

Well a smile is one of the easiest ways to get someone to notice you, and as an added bonus…it’s contagious. When you smile at someone chances are that they’ll smile back at you.

Now when it comes to flirting with people you already know, you may want to try something a little more edgy.

Try sticking your tongue out at them. I’m not talking Gene Simmons style here. Instead, do so in a playful way, like you might have done when you were a kid. Like I said before, flirting is all about being playful!

Lock Eyes

This is probably becoming a recurring theme if you’ve been checking out other articles on this site. That’s because of how important it is to use your eyes as an instrument to flirt with someone.

Whether it’s letting someone know you’re interested, or letting them know that you want to kiss, the eyes have a subtle way of communicating your intent.

Get in the habit of making eye contact with everyone you talk to. Doing so will make you appear more confident and self-assured.

Dish out a Compliment

The key to a good compliment is to make sure it’s genuine. Most people have no trouble detecting an insincere compliment.

So pick something you truly like about the other person and give them a compliment about it.

Generally, the more personal you get, the more of a lasting impression you’ll make.

For example, if you’re talking to someone and tell them you love the sound of their laugh or their sense of humor, it will have a much better impact than complimenting them on something superficial like their shoes.

Another thing about compliments is that you should use them sparingly. People like hearing compliments, but if you’re giving one out every few minutes then it’s going to seem like you’re trying too hard.

Instead, limit yourself to just one compliment during your initial interaction. As for people you see on a regular basis, simply giving them a compliment out of the blue can work wonders.

Be Willing to Have Some Fun

When you think about it, being playful is a big part of what subtle flirting is all about. Think about how each of the tips above can be used in a fun and playful way.

For example, I mentioned sticking your tongue out instead of giving someone a regular smile. Or instead of just making direct eye contact with someone, why not throw in a playful wink when you say something funny or sarcastic.

These subtle little gestures will make things more fun and flirtatious, and will trigger people to flirt back with you.

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